Post-Holiday/Post-Finals Update

29 Dec


With that out of the way, I’d just like to say that I survived finals and the holidays, and that I’m going to be back up and blogging soon! I’ve been living off of Chinese takeout and running on three hours of sleep per night for the last few weeks, so there was just no way that I would have been able to post. Ack. Dark times, friends. Dark times.

I’m currently in NJ sleeping and eating, and I’ll be back in the city tomorrow. I’m going to splurge on Motorino for New Year Eve, so I may do a post on that or a Ghananian restaurant in the Bronx which I plan on visiting. Stay tuned, and happy holidays!


Finals, Finals, Finals!

7 Dec

It’s finals time yet again here at NYU! This means two things:

1. From now through the 20th, posting on the blog will be infrequent. Just a heads-up for those folks who have come here and seen that I haven’t updated in awhile. I haven’t abandoned this site at all. There’s more to come, but unfortunately it’ll have to wait until after exams are over. I have two papers, a presentation, the business plan, and a final exam to deal with.

2. Prof. Penenberg’s class will be over, so there will be no more posts about business plans, blogging, marketing, et. all. The blog will continue (whether you like it or not) as just a food blog and nothing more. Rejoice…or mourn. Whatever works best for you.

See you in a few weeks!

Classic Italian Subs at Graham Ave Meats & Deli

2 Dec

Out front, complete with new awning. (Photo via

MEAAAAT! MEAT, MEAT, MEAT! Ever since I stopped buying meat to save money on groceries, any sort of eating establishment with the word meat in the title lures me in like a mosquito to one of those mosquito zapping contraptions. I also really like deli sandwiches for some reason, so when I heard that the old school Italian folks at Graham Ave Meats & Deli make a great Italian hero, I knew I had to walk the six or so blocks over from my apartment to check it out.

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Business Plan Judgement Day

27 Nov

Better late than never, I’ve come out of my turkey-induced coma to briefly update about something that’s actually related to class. The sheer amount of turkey that I’ve consumed in the last 48 hours…oof. Let’s not even go there. Onto the more pressing stuff:

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Possibly the Cheapest Meal in New York City at Prosperity Dumpling

23 Nov

You can usually spot Prosperity Dumpling from afar thanks to the lines which almost always snake out door and down the block.

Prosperity Dumpling and I go way back. Three years ago, when I was a bright, cheerful, and overly zealous freshman at NYU I read about the $1 for 5 dumpling places scattered around Chinatown. Being the stingy individual that I was (and still am), I hauled my ass down to Chinatown as soon as possible, lured by the potential of eating out for under $3 a head. I actually went to Vanessa’s Dumpling House first, which is up the street from Prosperity, but found myself returning to the latter more and more as time went on.

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Brief Hiatus

16 Nov

Hey folks. I apologize for the lack of new posts this week so far. Unfortunately, this business plan is kicking my ass and for the time being it’s all I’m focusing on. Regular programming (for the time being) will resume on Friday. Please be patient.

Foursquare Equals the NY Times Style Section?

12 Nov

We had a great panel in class today featuring, among others, Rachel Sklar of Mediaite and Cody Brown of Kommons. Many interesting things about the future were brought up but one really struck me as being interesting…

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