14 Sep

It’s here! The first post! And, it doesn’t really have anything to do with food whatsoever. A misguided yet appropriate start.

Given that I haven’t had time to visit my first locale yet, I figure I should make this post, the first post of the week (I’m going to attempt to post 2-3 times a week, workload permitting), a further explanation as to why I’m doing this blog.

When I arrived at NYU two years ago, we were handed several things along with the keys to our dorm rooms and some paperwork. Two of these were issues of Time Out New York and New York Magazine. I briefly glanced at both and tossed them aside, ironic given that I would go on to intern at the former later on in my college career.

Later in the year, I picked up the Cheap Eats issues of both as I began to become interested in exploring the city in search of cheap yet satisfying meals. Hoping to score some new recommendations, I was upset to find that the majority of the offerings, while marketed as “cheap,” were not quite as cheap as I wanted/needed them to be. The average cheap meal for Time Out hovered around $15, and that was before tax and tip, which made it more around $20. New York Magazine was no better, with cheap being classified as under $25, once again before tax and tip.

For a student such as myself who lives on a budget of around $40 a week, this simply wouldn’t do.

I already knew that there were a ton of $10 and under meals to be had all over the city, it was just that many students didn’t know about them, probably because none of them could really be classified as “fine dining.” After all, to save money you do have to sacrifice the “classy” aspect of dining out. Hopefully this blog (and book proposal) will show students how much bang they can get for their buck, with some non-food-related stuff thrown in too.


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