Chicken Parm Hero at Parisi Bakery

19 Sep

Nom nom nom, get in my mouth chicken parm.

I woke up all excited to go the Bronx yesterday morning, specifically to check out a jerk chicken place by Yankee Stadium. Unfortunately, after scanning Gothamist’s crime map for fun, the shooting that happened only several hours earlier a few blocks away from the restaurant made me reconsider. I then thought checking out the chicken parm hero at Torrisi Italian Specialities on Mulberry might be fun, but no: the Feast of San Gennaro put a damper on those plans.

Still craving some cheesy, saucy, chicken-y goodness, I settled on Parisi Bakery instead, and I’m glad I did. Yelp reviews warned me that they don’t make hot sandwiches on the weekends, but I was pleased to find out that they now have the kitchen open until 1:30 on Saturday afternoons. Thank god. I would have probably clawed someone’s arm off otherwise. I’m not to be trifled with when hongray.

Parisi is an unassuming Italian deli located on a lovely tree-lined block of Mott Street in SoHo. It’s a pretty minimalist institution: you go in, order, take your sammich, and get the hell out. No seating for you. Eat it in the park or something.

The outside of Parisi Bakery, located on Mott Street.

My chicken parm hero arrived only a few minutes after I ordered it. This thing is literally the size of an infant. I forgot to do the traditional “arm vs. sandwich” shot to compare the two, but I assure you: it’s friggin huge. Even better is the price: $7.50. I was shocked too. You can easily make two meals out of this beast, and I recommend it. If you’re wondering, I did wolf it down in one sitting after cradling it all the way back to my boyfriend’s dorm room, and I had a wicked stomach ache for most of the afternoon.

Fortunately, quantity does not trump quality. The bread, baked fresh on-site, was chewy in the best possible way (i.e. not like Subway “bread”), and the proportions of the insides were perfect. I always think of anything involving chicken parm as being messy, but this sandwich’s two chicken cutlets stay in their rightful places, despite being appropriately slathered with tangy tomato sauce and perfectly gooey cheese. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love this sandwich. Hands down one of the best discoveries I’ve made so far this year.

Parisi Bakery / 198 Mott St (between Kenmare St & Spring St) / Cash Only /


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