Advertising Digitally: Some Easy Steps and MORE

21 Oct

Just in time to quell my anxiety about monetizing my site comes this interesting lecture with the lovely Jennifer Pasiakos. A successful marketing honcho, she came to our class to give us the details on the various types of digital advertising and how we can incorporate it into our sites (provided that we have the cashmonies to do so). Her steps to success and a bit more after the jump:

Here’s the first three of Jennifer’s steps. For some reason I didn’t copy down the fourth one. Did we not get to it? I honestly don’t remember. If it resurfaces, I will post it here. Promise.

1. Know your ecosystem a.k.a. who you’re working with.

2. Find your target online. Center in on a specific group.

3. Create content that engages the consumer.

Reasonably simple, right? I guess in the end it’s mostly common sense, but for this clueless soul it was nice to have it all spelled out in simple terms that I could easily understand. Also much appreciated was a brief run down of sites such as DoubleClick and QuantCast, where one can track a site’s demographics, interests, etcetera. A lot of marketing professionals use them to see how their own site compares to others, yet it’s also a great tool to find new sites to possibly market your own product on. I have some experience using the latter when doing marketing research for Serious Eats, but I wasn’t aware that the site could be used for so many different things.

The most helpful for my site, however, seems to be what the advertising folks call a “keyword campaign.” In this, a company or a site pays money for an ad featuring their product to come up on search engines such as Google and Yahoo! when people search certain keywords. For instance, I could choose certain words like “food,” “budget,” “poor,” etc., and an ad for Food on the Cheap would pop up for folks to click on if they felt the urge. Alas, these things cost money. Maybe in the future. In the meantime I’ll continue retweeting and posting my articles on Facebook until my advertising budget reaches something a bit higher than $0.


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