Foursquare Equals the NY Times Style Section?

12 Nov

We had a great panel in class today featuring, among others, Rachel Sklar of Mediaite and Cody Brown of Kommons. Many interesting things about the future were brought up but one really struck me as being interesting…

Cody, when talking about Foursquare, equated it to what the NY Times Style section does. I can see where he’s coming from with that statement as, like the Style section, Foursquare gives people advice as to what dishes are best at a restaurant or what clothing is worth taking a gander at, though I don’t think they’re exactly similar. Foursquare’s new “tips” tab, in which you can recommend something to do at a certain spot, functions in a similar manner, but doesn’t really allow you to say too much. You might see that such and such dish is a good one, but who are you more likely to trust in that sort of situation: a stranger on Foursquare or the dining critic at the Times? I think the latter.

A more obvious yet, in my eyes, appropriate comparison would be equating Foursquare as one step ahead of Yelp. They do offer similar situations, and Yelp itself has a similar subsection to Foursquare in which you can check in places and become “mayor.” I just can’t connect these little one sentence recommendations with a several paragraph Yelp review or a detailed review by the Times of a new restaurant. I can draw the comparisons, but they just aren’t equal in my eyes. Perhaps I’m just old fashioned.

What do you think? Is Foursquare the new Style section? Discuss!


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