Business Plan Judgement Day

27 Nov

Better late than never, I’ve come out of my turkey-induced coma to briefly update about something that’s actually related to class. The sheer amount of turkey that I’ve consumed in the last 48 hours…oof. Let’s not even go there. Onto the more pressing stuff:

Last Thursday we finally pitched our rough drafts to a panel of entrepreneurs in class. As someone who freaks out whenever class presentations are required, I got extremely concerned about the whole thing and worked for about a week putting together what I was going to say. When the time came, I of course felt underprepared and went up there and babbled on and on about what I wanted Food on the Cheap to be in a more sold, finalized form. Surprisingly, the folks on the panel liked the idea a lot and commended me on what I’ve done so far, which made me feel really warm and fuzzy inside.

I’m aiming to make this site more of an aggregator for reviews, using my own original content and content sourced from other websites, that puts everything into an easy to comprehend Google Map. One can then, of course, search what’s near them and go from there. Ideally there would be a mobile app to go along with all of this, and possibly some affiliate marketing deals with restaurants and links to related deals on other sites to attempt to monetize the whole shebang.

Is there anything else that you would add to my site? What? Suggestions are more than welcome and strongly encouraged. Leave them in the comments!


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