As a student at NYU, a university whose tuition costs seem to rise proportionally to decreases in financial aid available to its students, I know the meaning of pinching pennies as I prepare for student loans and potentially unfortunate job prospects after graduation. Being a broke student (or just broke for that matter) in New York doesn’t mean that you have to forego some of the more fun things in life, especially eating out. While I love the occasional frou-frou prix fixe alcohol guzzling brunch or fancy dinner splurge as much as the next person, the fact is that if you’re on a limited budget doing that often isn’t an option.

As a result, I want to seek out as many meals as one can grab in this big city for $10 or less. None of this will be five-star dining by any stretch of the term, but if you like to try new things and are willing to do some traveling, hopefully my discoveries will broaden your foodie horizons. In the spirit of frugalness, I’ll also be breaking down how much you’ll be spending at each restaurant, whether or not tax and tip are included, and, of course, what’s worth shoving into your mouth with reckless abandon.

This blog will also function as a chronicle of my development of this site into a formal business proposal/plan for one of my classes this semester at NYU, so please expect an eclectic mix of posts about cheap food and viral marketing. Be excited. I know you are.

Shoot me an email at foodonthecheap@gmail.com!

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