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Classic Italian Subs at Graham Ave Meats & Deli

2 Dec

Out front, complete with new awning. (Photo via

MEAAAAT! MEAT, MEAT, MEAT! Ever since I stopped buying meat to save money on groceries, any sort of eating establishment with the word meat in the title lures me in like a mosquito to one of those mosquito zapping contraptions. I also really like deli sandwiches for some reason, so when I heard that the old school Italian folks at Graham Ave Meats & Deli make a great Italian hero, I knew I had to walk the six or so blocks over from my apartment to check it out.

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Possibly the Cheapest Meal in New York City at Prosperity Dumpling

23 Nov

You can usually spot Prosperity Dumpling from afar thanks to the lines which almost always snake out door and down the block.

Prosperity Dumpling and I go way back. Three years ago, when I was a bright, cheerful, and overly zealous freshman at NYU I read about the $1 for 5 dumpling places scattered around Chinatown. Being the stingy individual that I was (and still am), I hauled my ass down to Chinatown as soon as possible, lured by the potential of eating out for under $3 a head. I actually went to Vanessa’s Dumpling House first, which is up the street from Prosperity, but found myself returning to the latter more and more as time went on.

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Business Plan Update: What You May or May Not Have Wanted to Know

10 Nov

As of tomorrow, the first draft of my business plan, which I will be pitching to a panel of visiting entrepreneurs, is due. Needless to say, I’m pretty anxious. Find out more after the jump:

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Sichuan Food At Chengdu Heaven

26 Oct

Part of the basement food court at Golden Mall. Claustrophobic yet? (Photo via

One of the first serious food trips I did when I was a freshman was trekking out to Flushing. I think I went by myself, and I had various different treats from Flushing Mall off of College Point Blvd., though I’ve since returned to try everything from a ginormous kimchi bun to steamed intestines. Clearly my taste in Asian food isn’t very discriminating and, fortunately, the fact that seemingly every cuisine is represented in the area around the Main St. stop on the 7 train makes me a happy camper.

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Cheese, Mole, and Chicken Quesadillas From Jose’s

17 Oct


Jose's Mexican Restaurant in Spring Lake Heights, NJ. (Photo: TripAdvisor)


Unfortunate circumstances surrounding my debit card (and temporary lack thereof) brought me back to the food wasteland that is my area of New Jersey for the weekend. Apparently all I had to do was activate it via the phone (why couldn’t I have done this back in the city?), but I figured I would stay for the entire weekend as, while it is dull down here, it’s also very relaxing. The last time I went home I wrote up a rousing post about the wonders of Wawa, so this time I didn’t really have much of a choice but to transition in the world of reasonably priced Mexican food.

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Chicken & Rice (Plus Falafel) From King of Falafel

5 Oct

The King of Falafel himself. (Photo: Serious Eats NY)

Halal food and I have had a tumultuous relationship. I didn’t know of its awesomeness until I came to the city, and my first experience with it was from one of the street carts on 14th Street, right off of Union Square. The cart was probably in violation of ten zillion health department codes, but my innocent and borderline retarded self couldn’t have cared less. I tore through that chicken over rice plate (white sauce, no hot) like it was my job. Needless to say, I got food poisoning. Dark times, folks. Dark times.

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Jersey Shore Food: Hoagies at Wawa

26 Sep

Wawa: a faux-wood paneled container for magical sandwiches.

Upon suddenly having to go home to New Jersey to renew my driver’s license (why can’t we do this online yet?) and take care of some familial business, I didn’t really know what to write about for my next food adventure. My small Jersey Shore town, appropriate given the subject matter of the locally shot MTV show of the same name, is full of pricey (on a student budget) tex mex and red sauce Italian food. There’s also Chinese takeout, but really now: you can only say so much about beef with broccoli before it becomes boring. This would be where Wawa comes in.

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