Business Plan Update: What You May or May Not Have Wanted to Know

10 Nov

As of tomorrow, the first draft of my business plan, which I will be pitching to a panel of visiting entrepreneurs, is due. Needless to say, I’m pretty anxious. Find out more after the jump:

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Worthwhile Splurges: Hot Pot at Shanghai Tide

8 Nov

This foray into Asian-themed gluttony marks the beginning of a new section of the blog titled “Worthwhile Splurges.” If it wasn’t really obvious to begin with, in these posts I’ll be writing about meals I choose to seek out that break the $10 mark. First up is hot pot. Check out the all you can eat madness after the jump!

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The Mullet Strategy (And Other Things)

5 Nov

I never thought I’d have the opportunity to tag one of my blog entries with the word “mullets,” but thanks to Jonah Peretti’s visit to my class today I can do just that and more. Peretti, the founder of BuzzFeed and one of the co-founders of The Huffington Post came in today to give us ignorant undergrads a talk about how to make our content viral. All in all it was pretty funny, informative, and mullet-tastic.

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Q&A: Erica Reitman of Fucked In Park Slope

2 Nov

This Q&A marks the end of the short lived and only slightly ignored Q&A series. Are you as sad as I am? I hope so. Anywho, our final subject is the lovely Erica Reitman of Fucked In Park Slope, a blog in which she documents all of the extremely absurd crap that goes on there on a daily basis (see: naked pool party with Marky Markowitz). It kind of makes me wish that I lived there, though there are enough weird shenanigans (see: random person stabbing all the posters of Cher in the Graham Ave subway station with a huge knife) going on in the East Williamsburg/Bushwick border void to keep me entertained for the time being. Check out her thoughts on everything ever after the jump:

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Advice from the Twitterverse

27 Oct

A conversation about the wonders of Shake Shack led me to talking about blog stuffs with @lgesin, a teacher from my area of Jersey who does an ecommerce class for seniors. They’re actually doing the same thing that I’m doing in my class as a soon-to-be senior in college, which was certainly a surprise. I wish my high school offered classes about ecommerce. But I digress.

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Sichuan Food At Chengdu Heaven

26 Oct

Part of the basement food court at Golden Mall. Claustrophobic yet? (Photo via

One of the first serious food trips I did when I was a freshman was trekking out to Flushing. I think I went by myself, and I had various different treats from Flushing Mall off of College Point Blvd., though I’ve since returned to try everything from a ginormous kimchi bun to steamed intestines. Clearly my taste in Asian food isn’t very discriminating and, fortunately, the fact that seemingly every cuisine is represented in the area around the Main St. stop on the 7 train makes me a happy camper.

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Advertising Digitally: Some Easy Steps and MORE

21 Oct

Just in time to quell my anxiety about monetizing my site comes this interesting lecture with the lovely Jennifer Pasiakos. A successful marketing honcho, she came to our class to give us the details on the various types of digital advertising and how we can incorporate it into our sites (provided that we have the cashmonies to do so). Her steps to success and a bit more after the jump:

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