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Business Plan Judgement Day

27 Nov

Better late than never, I’ve come out of my turkey-induced coma to briefly update about something that’s actually related to class. The sheer amount of turkey that I’ve consumed in the last 48 hours…oof. Let’s not even go there. Onto the more pressing stuff:

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Q&A: Lauren Elfman of Buzzine.com

7 Oct

The Q&A madness continues! Lauren is the Senior Managing Editor at Buzzine.com, a culture and entertainment site based in LA that I’ve been writing for for several years now. Lauren is the wife [Ed note: I originally put husband. I am an idiot.] of Richard (of Oingo Boingo) who is the brother of Danny (of Nightmare Before Christmas, among other things). They enjoy my writing a great deal (at least someone does!), and Lauren was more than happy to answer some questions I threw at her.

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Formulating Ideas — Book Proposal or Business Plan?

21 Sep

The next step in my class is to create formal one paragraph proposal or plan for my idea. Matt Cutts, a Google employee, makes a point in this here blog post about how if you have some sort of irritation or frustration in your life, chances are others do too, and that it’s a great starting point for developing your idea. I couldn’t agree more. I think I have a basis for an idea down pat, but the question remains: where the hell to go from here?

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In Which I Struggle with HTML and Coding

16 Sep

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