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Classic Italian Subs at Graham Ave Meats & Deli

2 Dec

Out front, complete with new awning. (Photo via gprecs.com)

MEAAAAT! MEAT, MEAT, MEAT! Ever since I stopped buying meat to save money on groceries, any sort of eating establishment with the word meat in the title lures me in like a mosquito to one of those mosquito zapping contraptions. I also really like deli sandwiches for some reason, so when I heard that the old school Italian folks at Graham Ave Meats & Deli make a great Italian hero, I knew I had to walk the six or so blocks over from my apartment to check it out.

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Formulating Ideas — Book Proposal or Business Plan?

21 Sep

The next step in my class is to create formal one paragraph proposal or plan for my idea. Matt Cutts, a Google employee, makes a point in this here blog post about how if you have some sort of irritation or frustration in your life, chances are others do too, and that it’s a great starting point for developing your idea. I couldn’t agree more. I think I have a basis for an idea down pat, but the question remains: where the hell to go from here?

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Chicken Parm Hero at Parisi Bakery

19 Sep

Nom nom nom, get in my mouth chicken parm.

I woke up all excited to go the Bronx yesterday morning, specifically to check out a jerk chicken place by Yankee Stadium. Unfortunately, after scanning Gothamist’s crime map for fun, the shooting that happened only several hours earlier a few blocks away from the restaurant made me reconsider. I then thought checking out the chicken parm hero at Torrisi Italian Specialities on Mulberry might be fun, but no: the Feast of San Gennaro put a damper on those plans.

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14 Sep

It’s here! The first post! And, it doesn’t really have anything to do with food whatsoever. A misguided yet appropriate start.

Given that I haven’t had time to visit my first locale yet, I figure I should make this post, the first post of the week (I’m going to attempt to post 2-3 times a week, workload permitting), a further explanation as to why I’m doing this blog.

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